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I gotta swim?!?

i gotta swim?!?




not an excuse…an explanation…


so…i felt great about being pro-active with getting my swim in a day early because of my schedule on wednesday. i thought i was on a great track. then, wednesday night, it was a later than preferred night at the office so i didn’t get my run in. instead, i did it yesterday morning… 

i had the intention of getting my ride in last night but, again, later night than preferred. i suppose it finally caught up with me because this morning i was wiped out mentally and physically and couldn’t even get out of bed. yes, THAT is definitely an excuse.

nevertheless, i need your recommendation on what to get done (running or swimming) this afternoon/evening because i can get out at a decent hour. should i just do the prescribed 50 minute run?

i’ll be on track this weekend just fine with the 1:20 run & 1500 swim tomorrow…and 2/2:30hr ride on sunday.

i know that your initial reaction/response will probably be “don’t miss your workout” and i appreciate that and know. so, if we can maybe go to what you would say after that, that’d be awesome. i already feel tremendous guilt for missing the ride!

Video Update!

It’s been a while but here’s a brief update on my training. This is moreso to test that this will work. It’s loud in here @ vision quest so you may have to listen closely. Gotta admit that it’s weird looking at myself so closely.

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