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Yeah… that Google search and all its derivatives didn’t prove to be very successful. It was like those times when I frantically search for the lowest price on a product, insisting in my head that it MUST be hidden SOMEwhere!

… to no avail!

Oh well…

Next best thing….

Attach a noodle to each of my legs.

Yup… That’s what I would do.

Can you believe it?!?

That is what I’d do!!!!!

But, I really didn’t.

I settled for just making LOVE to my beautiful pull buoy!

During my two most recent workouts (after a great lesson with Ms Andrea Rudser-Rusin and when I believed to have received permission), I used the pull buoy to keep what mobsters would consider an easy night’s work (aka my legs made of concrete) afloat.

I shoved that thing between my legs and used it! I used it and it built my confidence! Oh yeah, it did!

At my lesson, I was told not to kick… But, I was still having an issue with my legs falling, no matter how how much I thought chest down… shoulder down… relax… blah de blah de dahh!

So, I kick with that thing between my legs. Yes m’am, I am kickin’ from dem hips… Not dah knees! Promise!

So, on Saturday…what’s also known as my long training day… I did 50s pretty easily… Then, I surprised myself with a few 100s.


Tonight, I surprised myself and did some 150s and I think a couple 200s… AWESOME!

But, is that cheating??? Won’t I have even MORE help from a whole wetsuit on race day???

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