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WHOA! i done dah deed! i’m an IRONMAN!

I got officially overwhelmed by all the wishes of luck and congratulatory messages on Facebook & Twitter!!! Thank you ALL for your support!!! 

Special shout outs to Mike & Angie of Fast And Fit Coaching, Vision Quest Coaching, The Running Institute, Active Body, Physicians Plus, my best friend Matt, and last but certainly not least…my loving and ever so patient boo, Anthony! 

Doing an Ironman for so many hours of your life is a very special (and, I’ll admit CRAZY as well) experience. There’s LOTS of time to think during those hours. 

But, as cliche as it sounds, it’s the journey that brought me to that grand finale that lasted almost 16 hours!!! 

The journey included learning to swim in less than a year; riding straight into a mountain in California; climbing Mt Fig; whining about workouts; getting on the wrong Megabus; peeing my bike for the first time; fitting life and my career into training; and keeping life balanced in a fresh, but important and special, loving relationship. 

I learned that ANYthing really IS possible after I endured what I did on Sunday. The smile on my face during the last trek around the Capitol in Madison was HUGE!!! 

Then, once I started my descent to the finish line, I started to BALL tears of absolute joy and accomplishment!!! 


WOW! I’m an Ironman… 

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