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Where it all began ….

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staying sane while training

It had been a long time since I had ridden a bike – I grew up riding them – but not like this.  I had a banana bike when I was 10 – the great big long seat – and streamers on the handlebars.  When I outgrew that one – I inherited a hand me down bike from my mother’s hair dresser.  It was so much too big for me that I had to ride it standing up so I could reach the pedals.  But I loved them both – they gave me freedom and they also meant that I could ride my bike to do my paper route.  And when Easter Seals decided to do a 27 mile bike ride as a fund raiser – I signed on and asked for 10 cents a mile from my neighbors and rode the 27 miles standing up.

I came back to…

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#CrossTraining is IMPORTANT!

So, you may remember that I got an ‪#‎Equifit‬ a few weeks ago at Equinox – Gold Coast with personal trainer Lori Thomson

During that #Equifit, she took a bunch of readings and tested my strength (or lack of!) in NUMEROUS areas. This was QUITE a thorough process that took about an hour. And, it was a humbling experience because it highlighted my asymmetries (not abnormal) that need to be addressed AND it reminded me that I need to be FOAM ROLLING!

It turned out that all that data gathering wasn’t a “front” to get me to join their gym or purchase their personal training services. In fact, I was never asked to join and nor was I coerced into purchasing personal training sessions. I loved that they left the decision up to ME! 

Here I am now as a member of ‪#‎Equinox‬ and have had two personal training sessions with Lori. And, those sessions specifically addressed my weaknesses AND they weren’t just random strengthening exercises. They’re designed around my goals this season, particularly Ironman 70.3 Steelhead (in which Lori is racing as well!) and Ironman Wisconsin, and making sure that I get there in good shape. So, we’ve done a ton of glute (lots of lateral!) and core strengthening and some upper body stuff to support my swimming.

Why the long post with all the detail? THE FACT THAT I HAVE TO GRAB ONTO SOMETHING AND SLOWLY LOWER MYSELF, because of how sore I am, is reminding me how awesome my session was TWO DAYS AGO! Gotta love ‪#‎DOMS‬ (delayed onset muscle soreness). And, I want to remind you all that ‪#‎CrossTraining‬ is important during all that crazy endurance training we do — it’s a reality that must be addressed and can stave off injuries!

Carry on…I’m finished. 
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