I went from a non-active lifestyle with lots of Dorito eating, couch warming, and no calorie burning… to starting to run in 2007 and then becoming a triathlete in 2011, completing an IRONMAN in 2012.

I have been very fortunate to have opportunities with brands like Nike, where I have found myself inspiring others to take action in their own lives, in one way or another. I feed off that inspiration and it encourages me to continue sharing my never-ending journey through fitness–the journey that has changed my life!

My journey has grown to social media inspiration. And from that, I am very fortunate to have been associated with brands such as CorePower, TrainingPeaksCycleOps Power, Nuun Hydration and Timex Sports as an athlete and ambassador .  I am also honored to be on the Ironman Foundation – Newton Running Ambassador Triathlon Team.

My career is in medical administration, where I am in charge of the operations and marketing at The Running Institute, Chicago’s premier sports medicine practice! I can also be found at the start line of many races – in charge of branding (making it look pretty for the camera) and smooth race starts.

to inspire & be inspired!


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