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Tip of the Day: Get Motivated to Work Out!


The following post by me was published by Core Power earlier this week…

Here’s a great tip on getting motivated to work out from our CP friend, Ken Chin!

Are you like me? Do you wake up and try to justify that you should really just stay there in bed, under the covers in darkness, where nobody will know that you didn’t get your workout in?  Do you need a big kick in the @$$ to get out the door to get your fitness on?

If you are, welcome to the club! If not, quit your judgment this very second!

I envy my best friend Matt. No matter how much sleep he does or doesn’t get, he’s up at the same time each morning doing his assigned workout. Here’s some food for thought: Matt missed only FOUR workouts last season during his Ironman training. And do you know what type of workouts he missed? They were the OPTIONAL strength training ones! The ones that weren’t any of the three disciplines of triathlon! I don’t even want to begin tallying inTrainingPeaks how many workouts I missed!

How does he do it?

I’ve picked his brain many times on this subject but I never get a clear answer other than, “I just do.” Now, isn’t that helpful?


So, being that he couldn’t provide me with an acceptable answer (aren’t I nice friend?), I’ve been left to find ways to get MYSELF motivated and get my workouts done.

Let’s start with the very first step: sign up for a race! That will help you establish purpose for your workouts and you’re not just doing a workout to “keep your base.” Yes, keeping your base is important when there is no race on the horizon, but many of us require a goal. So get that out of the way, first, and it’ll give you a more solid why as to the purpose of your workout.

Next, find a group to train with! Groups can give you peace of mind which comes from knowing that you’re suffering through the workout together. And of course, there’s the social aspect of meeting new people and sharing your progress with each other. It’s just nice knowing that you’re not alone on your journey!

Finally, what are you going to do on those days when you don’t have the group workout? Recruit buddies from the group! More than likely, you’ll link up with another athlete with similar strength in each discipline–it may even be the same person! Plan to link up with each of them to get the workout done together! Suddenly, you’re not alone! Cool, eh?

This is how I do it. Just be careful not to recruit buddies that will enable you to bag the workout, resulting in you both having beer and pizza instead! I’ve been there too! ;)



Now it’s your turn!

On those days when you don’t feel like it, how do you motivate yourself to work out?

Let us know in the comments, via Twitter or on Facebook!

You can follow Ken on Twitter and also like him on Facebook. You can also check out his blog, daRevoluCHIN.com


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from ironman to FAT!

admittedly, i feel as if most of my posts are “it’s been a while” type posts. but, i suppose the reality is that i’m always busy doing SOMEthing; i have too many ideas that i’d want to write about so i get overwhelmed and decide to “do it another day”; or, i’m just plain old LAZY!



Ironman Wisconsin

let’s rewind to about a month before ironman wisconsin…so about early august 2012… I! WAS! OVER! IT! i didn’t want to train anymore! i had seen what i learned to be “dark spots”…and THERE WERE TOO MANY! or, was i just lazy?

i learned later that i probably just needed to eat something. therefore, i was borderline hallucinating – at least, that’s what i’ll call it! but, i also learned from interviews while in Kona with Timex Sports Multisport Team Elite & Pro athletes that they were normal, even if you DIDN’T need calories.

OR, WAS I JUST LAZY? who knows, but there’s always a kernel of truth to every thought, right? MOVING ON!


Ironman World Championships with TimexSports

while i was in kona covering the week of the ironman world championships with Timex Sports, i sought inspiration, a re-ignition of the flame that i had way back when i originally signed up for wisconsin just a year earlier. it was the fire that quickly turned to smoke about a month before MY race day.

i needed renewed purpose AND an understanding about what my brain was going through before and after my race. before, it was, “CAN I BE DONE ALREADY?!?” during the race, it was, “HOLY! I’M GONNA DO THIS! BUT, I’M NEVER GOING TO DO IT AGAIN!” after, it was, “THAT WAS THE HARDEST, YET MOST REWARDING, THING I’VE EVER DONE IN MY LIFE! NEVER! AGAIN!”

so, what did i do?


Me Time=Fatty Time!

i took time for myself and TRIED not to overly guilt myself for not doing workouts. i TRIED to remind myself that i worked my ass off for a year, especially LEARNING TO SWIM, and deserved the break. it was time to give burnt-out-brain a break!

well, i was successful in not doing many workouts. yes, i was still shoveling calories in my mouth as an elongated celebration of my hard work and accomplishment. too bad, my body couldn’t burn calories without the ironman training type fitness though!

what started at the end of july as 178 pounds, leaning out even more up to august, turned into today’s ONE HUNDRED NINETY FOUR (yes, 1-9-4!!!) pounds! ken needs to get back into the rhythm, ya think?

granted, at the start of november, i started one-on-one personal training sessions and group classes with coach mike of fast & fit coaching, so i have built up some muscle but, SHIZNIT, i gotz to GET BACK TO WORK!


and, photos don’t lie.

mike is sure to document measurements using calipers AND photos. i’ll save you from the most recent shots until i’m more pleased with the outcome (then, i’ll show before & after shots), but let’s just say i don’t look like i did about 2 years ago in this shot for the Cupid Undie Run…which is where I’d like to be once again!

Cupid Undie Run - February 2011

how am i going to get back into that type of shape or EVEN STRONGER & BETTER? well, i’ve established purpose and accountability.

i’m going to continue the strength sessions with coach mike, but i’ve also moved to more of a paleo eating lifestyle, cutting out processed foods, grains, unnatural sugar, etc. google “paleo 101” or “paleo grocery list” and you’ll get the idea. better yet, grab a copy of paleo diet for athletes and read it!

additionally, i’ve committed myself to proudly represent TrainingPeaks (where i log and analyze (OVER-analyze) my data) as a brand ambassador in 2013, so i’m kept accountable there. i’m most excited here about sharing my TP workouts on social media and here so you all can stalk and see how much better than me you are! AND, i know that you’ll be interested in watching my progress so that’ll keep me accountable too! it’s my hope that you’d share with me your workouts as well so i can be inspired and vice versa too! to inspire & be inspired!



oh…before i forget, you get get their premium version for FREE for 2 weeks with my code: ken13. their free version offers a good amount, but if you are yearning for more analysis and visuals, GO PREMIUM! it’s inexpensive, AND FREE FOR THE FIRST TWO WEEKS! SIGN! UP!



Group Training

finally, what best to keep me accountable than working towards something WITH A GROUP! i’ve got several races planned for 2013. but, i’m actually looking forward to GROUP TRAINING so we can share war stories and “talk shop” together about nutrition, hydration, salt pills, chamois cream (ok, maybe not that)…but, you get the point. i’m gonna find a group to train with so THEY can give me heat for not showing up and, most importantly, so i can feed off of their energy during training as well. i’m just not the “solo trainer”–i learned that last year. i need the group. so, that shall be my plan!



in closing, i want to give special recognition to Timex Sports, TrainingPeaks, Fast & Fit Coaching, The Running Institute, you all, my close friends, and, most importantly, my better half, for believing in and supporting me in 2013 as i reach for and tackle my goals. i sure hope to add more brands to my SAG wagon and will be sure to give them recognition when appropriately as well!


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